You are invited to join one of our  Adult Sunday School classes.  Now is a good time to grow your faith!

The Contemporary Christians Sunday School Class is currently studying the book  entitled, “They Walked with God” 40 Bible Characters Who Inspire Us” by Max Lucado. We will select a manageable number from that total.

From Joseph’s dedication despite life’s “ups and downs” to Mary Magdalene’s grief outside Jesus’ tomb, sometimes the stories of our brothers and sisters in Scripture can help us understand our own!

In this warmhearted resource, Max Lucado invites us to walk alongside forty characters whose remarkable (and sometimes unremarkable) journeys provide insight and encouragement. Includes discussion questions.

You are welcome to attend this new book study series.


Single and married adults, most in their mid-fifties on up, uses a variety of curriculum and books led by different class members. The Contemporary Christians Class will be meeting at 11:00 immediately following worship to resume their current book study.


Single and married adults of all ages. Studies books of the Bible with a regular leader who encourages active participation. The New Beginnings Class will be meeting for Bible Study at 9:00 A.M. in Room 410.